Andrew Miller

Motion Ensemble is a professional chamber music group based in New Brunswick, Canada. Their repertoire is an eclectic mix of post-classical and experimental music. Motion’s music often utilizes electronics or visual media. <br /><br />The group made its USA debut in New York at Tonic in 2003, has appeared at the Ottawa International Chamber Music Festival, Scotia Festival of Music, Montreal’s Jusqu'aux Oreilles and Sound Symposium in Newfoundland. In 2004 and 2005 Motion toured much of Canada and were presented by NUMUS (Kitchener), Toronto’s The Music Gallery, Ensemble contemporain de Montréal, New Works Calgary, Edmonton’s E.C.C.S., New Music North (Thunder Bay), Five Penny New Music Festival (Sudbury) and many others in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Ontario. They have been heard on CBC Radio and TV and have recorded CDs of Veronika Krausas (self produced) and John Cage (on New York label Mode Records). <br />