Upcoming Logos:<br /><br />Walking with Dinosaurs 3D<br /><br />The Secret Life of Walter Mitty<br /><br />Mr Peabody and Sherman<br /><br />Getaway<br /><br />Man vs Food: Food Fight<br /><br />Roblox Adventures: The Movie<br /><br />Runner Runner<br /><br />The Counsellor<br /><br />The Kre-O Movie<br /><br />Angels of Jarm 2<br /><br />Rolie Polie Olie: The Movie<br /><br />Turbo<br /><br />Lincoln<br /><br />Epic<br /><br />Comic Relief: The Movie<br /><br />Chronicle<br /><br />Mr Popper's Penguins<br /><br />Grandma's Boy<br /><br />Space Chimps<br /><br />Horrid Henry<br /><br />Reno 911: Miami<br /><br />The Monuments Men<br /><br />The Wind Rises<br /><br />Lone Survivor<br /><br />One Direction: This is Us<br /><br />Monsters University<br /><br />UmJammer Lammy (2014)