Lorwai TAN

Dr Lorwai TAN (PhD): started her career in medical science research. <br /><br />A keen observer of human nature, she noticed two categories of people, ones who were successful and those who struggled. <br /><br />She began asking herself why this stark difference in their lives despite having the same education and opportunities. <br /><br />Her curiosity about human behavior led her to Beyond Success Pty Ltd, a leader in the field of personal development and much more. <br /><br />Their proven systems help the client identify the mental and emotional blocks and then rapidly smashing through these blockages that stand between them and their highest goals. <br /><br />Many a satisfied client has marveled at how quickly they have been propelled towards their wildest dreams and goals. <br /><br />They have been able to redesign their life, relationships, health, finances and career and as an added bonus become genuinely happy and fulfilled. <br /><br />Lorwai is your sounding board, cheer squad and at times the person who holds you to your word. <br /><br />She is your Life Coach who prepares you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually in your journey towards reaching and exceeding your goals.