Venkat - <br /><br />Our New Media portal consists of ‘made for mobile’ video content. Each video will be average 1-3 minutes each. <br /><br /> It contains “Animated Jokes”, “Standup Comedy”, “Spinach”- series of inspiring tales, “Discover”-Infotainment shorts, “Love&Lust”- real life chronicle of oddly enough affairs, “Fashion ‘n’ Party” & “Bollywood-Masala”. <br /><br />In “animated jokes” we have: <br /><br />‘SAM’ a character who's got just one thing on his mind, Girls. He feels every girl is in love with him and he has magnetic character that attracts her to him. Of course it does not matter that the feelings are mutual. SAM keeps trying and of course keeps you laughing. <br /><br />TOKEN OF LOVE is all about the travails of a couple of ants lost in love. A race against time, enemies of their own species and of course the world at large! <br />Get close to a world that's barely visible to the eye. <br /><br /> Coming shortly, “Mario” is the modern day Robin hood, a lovable rascal who's got a new trick up his sleeve to relieve the rich greedy folks of their money. So though the world knows, he is a criminal, they don't want him to get caught because he's so adorable and is up to doing things they always want to and cannot! <br /><br />In ‘Standup Comedy’ we will have very talented, established artists narrating jokes to audience. <br /><br />Like ‘Chekde India’ movie our “Spinach” section will entertain & motivate with inspiring tales. <br /><br />“Love&Lust” will have short scoop on oddly enough worldwide affairs. Now we are identified few incidents & developing as ‘Wild Elope’,’ Loosing Freedom’ &’Six months no sex’. <br /><br />Newly introducing “ Fashion ‘n’ Party”, where fashion shows & parties with DJ music will be shot with multi camera setup & packaged attractively to the youths <br /><br />Under “Bollywood –Masala” we will have new Hindi movie songs, trailers, interviews, video albums & etc. <br />