I own a store that sends faxes for customers, and I can tell you that this is a great fax machine for high volume faxing. Machines I’ve had in the past would choke on documents on even the lightest pastel colors. The scanning engine on this machine sees the background color, and ignores it, allowing those pages to be sent as quickly as if they were on bright white paper. No longer do I need to copy documents on color paper before faxing. <br /><br /> Some other reviews complain about a clicking sound. I have to listen very closely to hear what it is they’re talking about. I’d have to guess that these people are used to inkjet fax machines. Most laser printer/fax machines make a heck of a lot more noise than this baby does. I’m amazed at how quiet it really is! It makes so little noise that I’ve had to set it to ring twice before recieving. Other laser fax machines that I’ve owned make so much noise I didn’t need a ring to hear from across the store that they were recieving a fax. This baby is so quiet, that when I had it set to immediately answer, I’d stumble across faxes that had come in without me even knowing! <br /><br /> I haven’t had it long enough to know how well it’ll hold up over time, but I have high hopes for it. <br /><br /> My only complaint is that the delay for re-dials is 5 minutes, and there’s no menu adjustment to shorten it. But then again, this is not an unusual problem, and far less serious than some of the other problems I’ve had with other machines. <br /><br /> If you’re looking for a fax machine for your home, a multifunction printer that emphisises printer features may be a better choice for you. But if you’re in a business situation in which you need to do a lot of faxing, this is one heck of a good fax machine.