I'm having an EXAM on 31st OCT, so I'll be rather stagnant this few days. Sorry abt that! <br />_____________________ <br />As of October 2007, I've officially move over to this site. Please ignore SMinKoreanInc & LoveKpop4ever. This is my official site now. Please note that when Youtube suspend me, just add another 'x' behind (ie:minsquare91xx) to find me :) <br />************* <br />AND YES, I'm the minsquare91 who uploaded Movies & Dramas & SHINHWA MVS and Cuts :) BUT UNFORTUNATELY got suspended about 2-3 MTHS AGO. <br />************* <br />Please let me know what you are subscribing for by LEAVING ME A COMMENT. Really appreciate it, for I do a range of stuff & in this way I'll do more of the stuff that there are more subscribers subscribing for. <br />Name: MIN <br />Age: 20 <br /><br />[URGENT NEWS!] OPPAS!! Shinhwa is regrouping in December. Sobs! I think it's because our oppas are going off to the army. Take care OPPAS! :) Saranghey! SHINHWA CHANGJO! <br />______________________________ _ <br />I'm a FAN of SHINHWA & SS501. I think both groups have their own strengths and all and all I'm really proud to be their fan. I love Chemistry and Biology and I can play the Guzheng (zither). I can speak/understand/write in English and Chinese rather fluently and well and I can speak/understand/write in Japanese and Korean for simple syllabus. I can also understand Dialects(Hokkien and Teochew) :) <br /><br />****************************** ******* <br /><br />わたしの名前はミンです。わたしは学生です。 <br />わたしの誕生日はしちげつふつかです。 <br /><br />****************************** ***** <br />Uploading: <br />_____________________ <br />[K-DRAMA] My Dearest Love (Starring Kim Dongwan, Han Eun Jin & Park Eun Hye) <br />