Albany, United States
AKA WeaverOfNightmares and co-founder of the extremely popular SevenFootMonster22 on YouTube from 2008-2012 with over 17K subscribers.

In Progress Era Series:

- The Corporate Ministry Era
- The Sting Crow Era

Era Series Coming Up:

- The Unholy Alliance Era

Completed Era Series:

- The Ministry of Darkness Era


Those assholes terminated my other channel. I used to think DailyMotion was a safe spot unlike YouTube but clearly it isn't.
17 hours ago by AttitudeClassics316
Will you be continuing your Sting project at some point?
September by zep81
No, it was one the exposes of Kelly Kelly. I hardly ever use dailymotion and i think its kind of dumb that there's no reply option.
August by Barrymk400
How are uploading your videos when i tried to upload a video of ECW it got rejected.
August by Barrymk400