Albany, United States
AKA WeaverOfNightmares and co-founder of the extremely popular SevenFootMonster22 on YouTube from 2008-2012 with over 17K subscribers.

In Progress Era Series:

- The Sting Crow Era

Era Series Coming Up:

- The Corporate Ministry Era
- The Unholy Alliance Era

Completed Era Series:

- The Ministry of Darkness Era


Will you be continuing your Sting project at some point?
September by zep81
No, it was one the exposes of Kelly Kelly. I hardly ever use dailymotion and i think its kind of dumb that there's no reply option.
August by Barrymk400
How are uploading your videos when i tried to upload a video of ECW it got rejected.
August by Barrymk400
Thanks for the Sting uploads, keep them coming please, at least up until Starrcade.
July by zep81