Patrick Kolve has been working in the field of Coaching, Hypnosis and Equine Assisted Learning for the past 10 years. <br /><br />He specializes in the cessation of prescription drug, alcohol and tobacco use and overcoming obesity. <br /><br />In his Conejo Equine Assisted Learning program, he uses his extensive equestrian experience to create a unique and personalized program for obtaining and maintaining sobriety from all substances and food. His Life Skills program combined with hypnosis, horses, his intuition and a “splash” of cowboy wisdom is a powerful, compelling combination to obtain desired results. <br /><br />The horses provide an opening to a better future, and his skill, sensitivity and understanding help clients obtain their goals. Patrick works with adults, adolescents and young adults to aid them in overcoming social anxiety, in the acquisition of life skills. <br /><br />Equine Assisted Learning is a powerful approach that promotes renewal and healing. It combines Hypnosis, Life Coaching and the Equine Experience. A combination that provides innovative and comprehensive treatment for Addictions to: nicotine, illicit drugs, prescription medication, overeating and weight loss, and phobias. <br /><br />Conejo Equine Assisted Learning <br />2239 Townsgate Rd. <br />Suite 107 <br />Westlake Village, CA <br />805-497-2555 <br />818-522-2899