Milton Isejima

MILTON ISEJIMA is a descendant of Japanese family (Los Angeles, California, USA, by mother and Yamaguchi-ken, Japan, by father. <br />Born in Osvaldo Cruz, the State of Sao Paulo. He moved to the metropolitan area of Sao Paulo for 12 years. At this time a family friend handed him a hundred LPs of classical music, and since when her sister bought a record player, where he heard classical music (Beethoven, Mozart, Strauss, Brahms, etc.). <br />He graduated in Business Administration and beyond the profession, followed by the area of music. <br />Currently he is conductor of the orchestra and choir. He graduated in Violin, Guitar and Singing, Composition and Conducting. He graduated from college (BA) in the Faculty of Music Institute Sao Paulo. <br />He graduated in Music and Drama Conservatory of São Paulo in composition and conducting and perfected in conducting with maestro Isaac Karabtchevsky (former conductor of the Symphony Orchestra) and the maestro Benito Juarez (Singing and Conducting). <br />He conducted a choir of 200 voices and orchestra in the Ibirapuera Gymnasium on the occasion of Silver Jubilee of an NGO. <br />He conducted a choir of 1000 voices in the Pacaembu Stadium during the visit of Emperor Hirohito of Japan in Brazil, to commemorate 80 years of Japanese immigration. <br />Was in Tochigi, Japan in 2001 at the invitation of a school for traditional training of young musicians from the Philharmonic Tochigi, sponsored by Honda Motors. <br />Currently she teaches all instruments: strings, woodwind, percussion, opera singing and karaoke, as well as exam preparation courses and exams at the Free University of Music, the Municipal School of Music and universities: USP, Unicamp, Unesp and others, and the Order of the Musicians of Brazil for professionals. Consulting for choir, bands and orchestras. It also gives lectures on the influence that music has on our unconscious.