military performance enhancement breakthroughs

<br />Spend SERIOUS time on the above website. <br /><br />You will see PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT - including access to: <br /><br />Field Apps: <br /><br /> Chest Strength <br /> Lungs and Leg Muscles (endurance: running, swimming) <br /> Arm Strength <br /> Leg Strength & Joint Pain and Lower Abdomen Pain Prevention (jumping, pure squatting & lift strength) <br /> Back Strength & Testosterone Production <br /> Keeping Soldiers Productive through Telomere levels (DNA protection) p. 62 <br /> Normally Unavailable Field Pain Relief <br /> Time to Exhaustion Increases <br /><br /> Option: Simultaneous Empowerment <br /><br />Stored Strength Preparation - StepsLocations <br /> Multiplying reserve energy <br /><br />Suggested Test Types: <br /> Heart Rate Variability (HRV) - during rest and exercise, <br /> Lipid side of ATP energy production, <br /> Infrared imaging, <br /> Biocoherence using Bionetic Feedback Assessment, <br /> Responsiveness of subjects during Aerobic and Muscular Endurance Activity, <br /> Improvement of Strength Endurance during High Performance.