military performance enhancement breakthroughs

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Spend SERIOUS time on the above website.

You will see PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT - including access to:

Field Apps:

Chest Strength
Lungs and Leg Muscles (endurance: running, swimming)
Arm Strength
Leg Strength & Joint Pain and Lower Abdomen Pain Prevention (jumping, pure squatting & lift strength)
Back Strength & Testosterone Production
Keeping Soldiers Productive through Telomere levels (DNA protection) p. 62
Normally Unavailable Field Pain Relief
Time to Exhaustion Increases

Option: Simultaneous Empowerment

Stored Strength Preparation - StepsLocations
Multiplying reserve energy

Suggested Test Types:
Heart Rate Variability (HRV) - during rest and exercise,
Lipid side of ATP energy production,
Infrared imaging,
Biocoherence using Bionetic Feedback Assessment,
Responsiveness of subjects during Aerobic and Muscular Endurance Activity,
Improvement of Strength Endurance during High Performance.

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