Klaus Jürgen Miegel

About miekla, Klaus Jürgen Miegel Instead of a meaningless profile my thoughts concerning art today. Although this attitude is often rejected, in my opinion art still depends on a certain degree of skill. It depends not on the popular, but bloodlessly composed and only supposedly deeply reflected interpretations of others. People who are truly interested in art look at works of art in an uninfluenced manner. One doesn’t have to put it as drastically as Michelangelo, who said that an artist who cannot draw is simply incapable. The official art opinion-makers have been trying to disguise this fact for the evaluation of art – partly because they feel embarrassed, and partly because the latter is the only foundation for their acting as an art windbag. So the way of supposedly talking knowledgably about art is today financially valued more highly than most artistic works themselves are. The official exertion of influence on art trends and ideals of beauty as well as the almost always deliberately indistinct and pompous (and often even perverse and foolish) interpretations of critics must be regarded as evil , as the latter is usually the reason why it becomes possible for us to experience a premiere of the fairy tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes” in galleries all over the world on a daily basis. Wohever without the child who openly claim, “But the emperor is all naked!” We have come to a point where most adults leave their personal opinion concerning art in the cloakroom together with their coats and even people with a higher level of education are not immune to this phenomenon. “Once done is worth a thousand times beaten to death. So if you still have an own opinion, as long as Art is concerned please contact me .