FOUNDED IN 1996, MICROCINEMA INTERNATIONAL is a leading international rights manager, exhibitor, and specialty markets distributor of the "moving image arts." Microcinema International specializes in the acquisition, exhibition, and distribution of independently produced works of an artistic and socially-relevant nature. <br /><br />Our mission is to seek out, curate, exhibit, promote, and distribute compelling works to a broad audience via existing and emerging mediums. This mission is realized through exhibition-based events, web-based platforms, educational outreach, modern marketing techniques, and digital and physical distribution. <br /><br />Through the Blackchair Collection and Microcinema International DVD, a unique and diverse catalogue of international DVD titles are distributed into retail, wholesale, online, and institutional sales channels worldwide. New delivery platforms such as mobile TV, video on demand, podcasting, and mobile telephony are also used to reach new audiences around the globe.