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Television, radio, print and internet media turn to psychotherapist and author Michelle Bersell due to her unique approach toward health and well-being. After years of feeling constantly weighted down physically, emotionally and mentally, Bersell was guided to extraordinary insight. Each morning she was awoken at 4:30 a.m. to write, as the common mistakes and myths regarding our fears, stress and feelings were revealed to her and now shared in her book Emotional Abundance: Become Empowered.

Bersell’s passion is leading people out of the “emotional stone ages” to the next consciousness shift. This shift has supported thousands to transform their stress to an actual advantage that allows them to live their life with greater ease. Women’s World Magazine, Parents Magazine and many others have turned to Bersell as she explains away blocks that keep people stuck and limited from living an empowered and passionate life. Bersell is a regular guest for television news shows on which she guides audiences with tips as to how they can begin to make transformative changes in their lives. Bersell also leads retreats and seminars while maintaining a busy private practice. Thousands read her “Mentality Gal” column in Citigal Magazine.

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