Akiko Sakuraba

Yo! I'm Akiko Sakuraba! I love anime and video games! Woo hoo! :3 Ok, sooooo I made this account for my voice acting videos and Ultra Maniac Abridged. It's not very popular yet, but I hope it will in the near future. Please comment. They're like my fuel. If you want more videos, put more comments. Yeah. My dream at the moment is to get in touch with the other abridged makers. Yup. My lifelong dream is to become a voice actor. If you couldn't tell already from the info on my page, I'm a girl. I love Shojo and I'm IN love with shounen. I can bend my voice to anything I please. I'm very good with computers, and I could whoop any boys butt at video games. I put all my heart into every one of my videos, so please enjoy them. I hope to hear from you in the future! <br />-Akiko Sakuraba <br /><br />P.S. My main video account with all my video history is on youtube! <br />http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=mewpudding101