Me vs You

Me vs You is a project which stands at the crossroads of different musical genres. It is the result of a long human and artistic experience. The project has developed its own unique style, influenced by industrial music, psychedelic rock, electronica, new wave, goth and trip-hop , blending it all into a captivating universe. A subtle art, mixing raw sounds with more gentle and atmospheric textures. <br /><br />In addition to the studio works, Me vs You has earned praise for their intense live performances and contributed to the soundtrack of the French film Trois petites filles alongside artists such as Muse, Radiohead and Perry Blake. <br /><br />Listening to Me vs You is like diving into a book or a film. It brings new sensations. It constitutes an opportunity to immerse ourselves in an ultra-urbanised, automated and contemporary environment. A musical Therapy? Maybe. An experience? Definitely <br /><br />Maxime Degallaix – Hecate records