hi everbody my name is meryem but everbody can call be meri i´m a turkish arabish girl which lives in germany ! I would be pleased if you comment or rate my videos ;) <br /><br />habe filme bollywood filme auf deutsch wie z.B. karam , ashambav , devdas ,kabhie naa kabhie haa , ddlj falls jemand interesse drann hat einfach komment schreiben <br /><br />The next movie i´m uploading : <br /><br />Asambhav (in german ) <br />Devdas (in german) <br />Karam (in german) <br />Kabhí Haan Kabhi Naa ( in german) <br /><br />Maybe : <br />Chehraa (in german or hindi or english sub ) <br />Mujhse Dosti Karoge (in hindi or german or english sub ) <br />monsoon wedding (german or....) <br />chup chup ke (eng sub) <br />ahista ahista (eng sub) <br />TOM ,DICK and HARRY (eng sub) <br />Golmaal ( original hindi) <br />SHAADI NO 1 (eng sub)