Megan Krantz

Earthy yet eloquent, majestic yet refined - may best describe the music of the truly gifted young songwriting talent, singer and recording artist - Megan Krantz. <br /><br />During winter break from her first semester at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, Megan paid a visit to her sister in Chicago who introduced her to Goran Rajsic, the founder of Rosehip Records. Within quite literally a few short hours Megan Krantz had a record deal. In September ’05 Megan ‘took a break’ from school and moved to Chicago to record her debut album. <br /><br />All the songs on Megan Krantz’s self titled, debut album were written by her. Megan’s magic was then masterfully produced by Nick Monson and Andy Gallas at the studios of Rosehip Records. <br /><br />"I've recently come to realize that the only thing important in my life is my relationship with God (a friend who sticks closer than a brother). Really, no matter where I go or what I do - if He's with me, I'm guaranteed peace." These are the words Megan used to describe what she was feeling while writing parts of her album, which shine through in songs like Broke Thru and Don't Look Down. <br /><br />Over the course of the next few months the world will be introduced to a very special talent – a talent so great and vast that at 22 years of age is at times, difficult to comprehend. Experience for yourself an artist who will lift up ones inner most emotions.