Shubham Dwivedi

A Smart Student From India!!<br />Smart, Humanitarian, Sensible, Friendly, Intelligent, Trustworthy, Sensitive...<br />Music, Quotes, Cars, Animals, Cricket, Formal Shoes, Denims, Gemstones, and most importantly luxurious watches and ************Almighty lover!!!<br />I like to Inspire others, solve others problem! but others do not value it!<br />I don't expect any thing from anyone!!!<br /><br /> It's a very difficult task to describe our-selves! because no things seems to kick your mind at the time when u're suppose to explain about yourself! but ,it is also true that u know yourself better than any one else in this world!<br /> I believe in god the most! more than myself at some stage! I also, don't believe in caste and religious discrimination!<br />I am a true Indian! I am an aquarian by my zodiac sign!<br />A self-proclaimed optimist! <br />I am a rebel!<br />I am very good at making plans but, too bad to implement them! <br />I also have the habit of doing the things which are ''not wrong'' because , they also are somehow the ''right things'' only! My true friends are Google & Wikipedia because, they always help me whenever I need them no matter which browser I'm using! and also, they are far better than the people whom I have met till now! I don't like people who over-react!<br />don't talk about me, if u haven't talk to me!<br />I trust god with my life! After all he gave it to me!<br /><br />Don't add me in your circles just because, u think I have provided correct information about myself!<br />and, Don't add me to your circles just because I post some brilliant things on this forum! <br />Add me, because I am brilliant enough to post those things on this forum!<br />that's it!<br /><br />the most easiest way to understand the current situation of my mind is to look at my post, about what they are!........and one most important thing, that, 'I post a lot'! so add me at your own risk!