Andrew McGeechan

compliant <br /><br />I have had no response or adequate explanation as to why My Film "Sleeping With Your Boots On" (1993) was left unenviable for nearly two weeks when I am a validated content maker and owner of all content within it. <br />I then after several attempts to find out why, it was left in such limbo, had to remove it myself ? <br />I will post this on the site just in case your spam filter is in the way <br /><br />Video maker and Photographer <br />More stuff due over the coming weeks - including "Sleeping With Your Boots On" ( 1992) <br />"The Pact" (1991) <br />"The Dare"(1992) <br />"Clearing The Way" (1997) <br />and other "Miwa Productions" from the 1990s building up to my spring/summer production tentatively called "Football In The Park"