Mcdrecords organization is a sound recording studio and music and video production,founded in 2008 in Luxembourg (EU) by M.C.D aka Dušan Bàrdy (born on September 10th, 1980 in Žilina, Slovakia). was formed because of the many requests I got for beats and music tracks. I've been in the business of audio production just a 5 years but my music has been heard (behind the scenes) by thousands of people all over the world from USA to Asia, from Africa to Australia & of cause Europe. Over the years, many have asked me to produce beats and/or tracks for their own projects. Soon enough, it became a daily thing. I wanted to make my work affordable for everyone to help people expand their ability and talent to get them to the next step and level. McdRecords production beats are excellent for professional use. They are indispensable for anyone involved in Hip-hop, R&B, Reggae and Dj's in clubs as well as music or loops for commercials, video, interviews, or on air talk shows. Whether it be for a Hip-hop demo CD or music for a digital video production, is your answer for quality beats, tracks and melodies. <br />-Dušan Bàrdy-