Matthew Knowles

Matthew Lee Knowles graduated from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in 2008 and has written many theatre scores and happenings, over 100 poems, around 500 musical compositions (from solo to orchestral), almost 2000 word-events and has being increasingly become involved in performance art and booklet making (Ballet (2009), Waiting For Godot (2008-10)) <br /><br />Text is extremely important in his work and conceptual poetry pieces include SEVEN - the first seven syllables of every sentence extracted from a London newspaper, Verlaine where all words ending -ing were taken from 170 translated poems by Verlaine and Voices: 168 poems using only one, two, three and four letter words. <br /><br />As a pianist Matthew has performed Stockhausen’s Goldstaub for the BBC/SAN (which required him to live without food, thought or sleep for four days and improvise at the piano for five minutes), Kondo's Metaphonesis and his own composition in a video performance by Brandon Labelle (Cloudy) in Wilton's Music Hall, London. <br /><br />Highlights in 2009 included, curating a happening in a library (Around This House), performing solo for the BMIC music mart (Solo For Person), improvising at the piano to over 1000 people in India, performing as a musician in a dance festival in Spain and forming a new spokenwordmusic trio KLK. He was performer/composer in residence for Notations and The Voice and Nothing More, both curated by Sam Belinfante/Neil Luck and spent two weeks writing and performing in Lithuania and headlined a festival in Sardinia with Neil, presenting an eighty minute set for Miniere Sonore. <br /><br />For eight months last year Matthew opened his house to artists, composers and musicians once a month for SNIFF (Sunday Night Is Frolics Fun) to perform, drink and share ideas. <br /><br />INTO magazine (Sound and Music) recently published an article by Matthew entitled “How To Make Things Happen” which discusses recent projects and how they were made possible.