Some call me SATAN others have me GOD <br />some name me NEMO...I am unborn. <br />Some speak of me in anagrams, <br />some grieve upon my wrath... <br />the ones who give me service <br />I grant my scorn. <br />My words are <br />'Too late', 'Never', 'Impossible', and 'Gone'; <br />my home is in the sunset and the dawn. <br />My Name is locked in silence, <br />sometimes it's whispered out of spite. <br />All gates are locked, <br />all doors are barred and bolted, <br />there is no place for flight. <br />Will you not come to me <br />and love me for one more night? <br /><br />Some see me shining, others have me dull; <br />gun-metal and cut diamond -I am ALL. <br />Some swear they see me weeping <br />in the poppy-fields of France... <br />in the tumbling of the dice see them fall! <br />Some laugh and see me laughing <br />down the corridors of power: <br />some see my sign on Caesar and his pall. <br />My face is robed in darkness, <br />sometimes you glimpse me in the shade, <br />All friends have gone, <br />all calls are weak and wasted, <br />there is no more to say. <br />Will you not crawl to me <br />and love me for one more day? <br /><br />Some wish me empty, others will me full, <br />some crave of me infinity - I am NONE. <br />Some look for me in symbols, <br />some trace my line in stars, <br />some count my ways in numbers: <br />I am No One. <br />Some chronicle my movements, <br />my colours and my clothes, <br />some trace the work in progress <br />- it is done. <br />My soul is cast in crystal <br />yet unrevealed beneath the knife. <br />All wells are dry, all bread is masked in fungus <br />and now disease is rife. <br />Will you not run from this <br />and love me for one more life? <br /><br />