Marnie Pehrson

To say Marnie Pehrson is prolific would be an understatement. She is a mother of six, the creator of nineteen web sites including the longest running article directory on the Web,, which contains over 267,000 articles and serves over 34,000 writers who submit over 15,000 articles in a typical month. But it doesn't stop there. Marnie's also the author of 9 fiction novels and ten nonfiction inspirational books. <br /><br />Marnie Pehrson has been highlighting truth and talent for nearly 20 years. Whether she's writing a novel that spotlights individuals who've made a difference in the world or helping a talented entrepreneur create a platform for his life's work, or giving a seminar on how to live by faith so you can let your own light shine, Marnie's life is about underscoring truth and talent in innovative and compelling ways. <br /><br />Through she helps talented professionals deliver their message to the online world by creating a platform from which they can establish their expertise. Marnie's clients refer to her as their "secret weapon" because she delivers so much in so little time -- always under-promising and over-delivering. Marnie is about finding and highlighting the "Wow" in people. Through her podcast she spotlights people who have done things that make you say, ‘WOW! I wish I’d’ thought of that!" You may reach Marnie and her projects at