Genie Fusion

The Genie Fusion Team is lead by the Weir family. They are a broadly based group, bringing over 70 years of experience in organization, technology and business to their team. They have been trained directly by THE top producer in the company and have that foundation of knowledge to pass on to their team. They have more than 10 years of experience in the Network Marketing industry, with several companies, and have selected AgoraDyne as the best location to “plant their flag”. Because of this experience, with multiple companies, they understand that many companies fall short in the support provided to their distributors. The vision for the Genie Fusion Team is to provide the “missing links” needed to help you build a successful on-line business. <br /><br />They share AgoraDyne’s mission of helping as many families as possible save time & money on the products they are going to buy anyway. <br /><br />The mission of the Genie Fusion Team is to support their team members with the support and technology they need to start and build their business. Check out our opportunity at