mario pischedda

about me <br /><br />mariopischeddainmovement, Collegno amnesiac, unlikely author, shortcircuiter of words, overweight, feeling his age slipping by, has decided to adhere to himself in a world of people dispossessed of their identities, ph/oto/graphs in a disorderly way, sings in solitude and farms organically, art is of instantaneous nature in images and in words and in sounds and in videos, pursues an entropic project that is asystematic and disorderly, chaotic and stoic, revolutionary and conservative, has no archives nor memories that are increasingly fading away, each moment is the start of the perennial contradiction of a transient life and art’s constant and useless tautology and this desperate and despairing anxiety is what he tries to bear witness to on the rare occasions that are given him or present themselves ...because everything is highly inconsistent and transient etc. etc. etc. et-choo