Taylor Kennedy

Fremont, United States
Hello everyone! Remember me? I'm marioboy226 from YouTube. My original account was suspended for no reason. I'm sure you'll agree that it sucks for that.

Well don't worry, I will be on here from now on. Plus, I my second channel, TTTEUSEpisodes1 is so much more popular than my original account was.

Here's the link to my channel if you want to watch my videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/TTTEUSEpisodes1

So I hope you enjoy my videos I will hopefully enjoy your videos too.

I will be uploading as many Thomas & Friends DVDs and Drake & Josh episodes as I can on this site.

I will probably upload most of Drake Bell's albums and songs as well because he's my most favorite celebrity and singer.

Well, I hope all you people will follow me and enjoy all of my videos!

UPDATE: I am finally able to upload Drake & Josh again, hooray! However, it won't have the song in any of the reuploaded episodes due to Dailymotion and Viacom's idiocy. After I reupload Drake & Josh, I will upload some more old school shows like the 1987 TMNT, the rest of The Super Mario Bros Super Show! series, Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, and Super Mario World.


The Rusty Fishplate
Usually when it comes to the quality of service or industry, if something sucks, then it's usually because somebody is either trying to sell a product or is trying to cut costs. Same with Youtube. All these little "improvements" over the years are just to make money. And when that happens, quality suffers. People suffer. It's capitalism at its finest.
1 hour ago by The Rusty Fishplate
The Rusty Fishplate
Commercials are the worst. They're just flash, flash, flash, color, color, color, and loud music. So annoying. And a lot of the shit they sell is just junk anyway.
4 hours ago by The Rusty Fishplate
The Rusty Fishplate
To be honest, I really don't watch TV anymore. Almost can't stand it. A lot of it is just nonsense. No matter what channel. It all like pisses me off. lol
14 hours ago by The Rusty Fishplate
The Rusty Fishplate
Hmmm... Probably the entire Fox News Channel. A lot of those reality shows are stupid too.
Yesterday by The Rusty Fishplate