Fun nature. Very visual, almost as much phisical. I love to love life in the moment for what it is. <br /><br />Given my artistic tendency and consequentially my education, when it came to decide how to support my family I opted for web design also because I happened to be living in Silicon Valley during the 80's. <br /><br />I love spending time in natural environments. Especially the mountains. <br /><br />My outlook on life: while seeing and feeling the miracle in every second of it I whish the human race would 'grow-up' and stop fighting. Get over the power trip of 'you got to be the best'. <br /><br />No-one and no-thing is better. we, this planet and the universe are 'moving parts' of the same 'celestial entity'. <br /><br />I don't like money. I like to have it so I don't worry about it. That is also the reason why I started in internet marketing. I think, nowadays, an online business is the most affordable way to start generating enough income to free yourself from the 'month to month survival routine'. <br /><br />Ciao. <br />Marco