Marcel Pavel

If you wish to host parties, concerts or other types of events, please call tel: +4 0755.07.07.05 or email: / Official website:<br /><br /> <br />Marcel is one of the best ever Romanian artist. He belongs to a whole family of musicians, his father being a violinist – an exquisite instrumentalist, to whom he owes much of the musical education. His brothers have become great instrumentalists as well: Micky Pavel – saxophone, keyboards, solo singer, Gigi Pavel – resident in Germany, professional saxophone player, Gina Pavel- pianist and singer. His grandfather used to be a well-known and highly appreciated folk artist: Ion Taraş. Although she has never been directly involved in the musical phenomenon, Marcel Pavel assesses he owes everything to his mother. <br /> <br />He is currently a composer and multi-instrumentalist, mastering sing le bass guitar, double bass, the cello, piano and percussion. Starting 1981 he has toured a lot abroad: the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Belgium, France (Paris), Switzerland (Lausanne, Geneva), Austria, Poland, Egypt, Israel, the United States of America, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Estonia, the Republic of Moldova. <br /> <br />In the wake of the huge experience gained throughout the years, in the summer of 2000 he gained full recognition on national level, with the tune “Frumoasa Mea” (“My Beautiful”) composed by Ovidiu Komornik. When referring to this tune, the artist likes to hope it will stay close to the Romanians’ hearts for still a long time. <br /> <br />He has launched five albums up to present: <br /> <br /> Frumoasa mea - 2000 <br /> Concert live la Ateneul Român - Marcel Pavel şi invitaţii săi - 2001 <br /> Te vreau lângă mine - 2001 <br /> Doar pentru tine - 2004 <br /> De dragul tau - 2007 <br /> The Album "Frumoasa Mea" ("My Beautiful") has been sold in 250,000 copies, winning him The Platinum Disc. <br />He has carried out cooperation with many personalities from both the Romanian and the international show-biz <br />He was awarded numerous prizes... <br /> <br />Learn more on the official website