Marcello Lisi

Welcome and Thank You for visiting me. <br /><br />My name is Marcello Lisi and in my past life I was an Engineer going to work every day in a suit and tie. When I pulled out the key to start my car, I asked myself: "Do I really want to be leaving for work at 7AM? Do I really want to be fighting through all that traffic to get to work on time? And is this 2002 Camry the car of my Dreams? <br /><br />Well, every morning when I pulled out the key to start my car, I always asked those three questions. Finally, I decided to do something about it. <br /><br />Everybody knows that in today's economy you can't count on a job...and most people end up working really really hard all their lives only to retire with little or no savings...BUT some people have figured out a way to retire 5 years early at Full Pay!!! <br /><br />Here's how: <br /><br />If you want to succeed in business then take the time to read this free eBook. Experts say that if you deal with people in your business you will certainly want it! <br /><br />Marcello Lisi <br />US Tel: (214) 347-4900 <br />CA Tel: (514) 769-5452 <br />Skype ID: marcellolisi