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Dr. Frank Manzanares, Jr., Founder and Medical Director of Manzanares Hair Restoration Center has committed to delivering outstanding hair transplant procedures that make a positive distinction in the lives of his patients.

For more than 18 years, Dr. Frank has been practicing hair restoration in the U.S. most notably on the home of Hollywood celebrities, the Beverly Hills. He is also in the forefront of medical and surgical research and development in the field of hair restoration and plastic surgery.

Dr. Frank Manzanares is a specialist in Surgical Hair Restoration and performs follicular unit hair transplantation in his Ortigas, Philippines office. A practice solely dedicated to Hair Restoration.

Dr. Frank Manzanares specializes in all micro-follicular unit grafting, with surgical expertise in Large 3000 hair transplant procedure for MEN, repair of transplants on patients who have had outdated procedures performed, EYEBROW, EYELASH, BODY and FACIAL (Sideburns, Mustache, Beard) work and HAIR LOSS in women for 18 years. Given his extensive US training in Hair Restoration, his medical/surgical research and development of different techniques in the hair transplant field, combined with his artistic passion, he has uniquely elevated the science of hair restoration to an ART form.

Dr. Manzanares is committed to producing excellent results. Assisted by his surgical staff, they prepare micro-follicular unit grafts using special computer-aided magnifiers. He carefully creates all the incision for the grafts using small custom surgical blades. These special instruments create tiny and minimally invasive incisions that enables patient to achieve cosmetic density in a given area even after only one surgical session.

Dr. Manzanares’ dedication to improving lives through his chosen profession is one of the driving forces behind the growth and success of Manzanares Hair Restoration Center today and for the years to come.

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