Doug Steponin

I have been married for 21 years. Like most couples we fell in love, got married and started a family. My wife was a cute, smart and bubbly bride. <br /><br />After 3 kids and 2 careers, my wife was not so cute and bubbly anymore. (3 kids in 5 years...she needed SLEEP!) In fact, she became a bit frumpy and depressed. Work took its toll on us both and we drifted apart. <br /><br />In less than 2 years our lives included cancer, foreclosure, bankruptcy, name it. Our circumstances would have destroyed a average couple. <br /><br />We survived. <br /><br />In fact, we actually THRIVED! We took our experiences and LEARNED from them. I learned to communicate ALL my feelings and my wife became the smokin' hot, bubbly girl I once dated. Our passion and intimacy wasn't just restored, it exploded!