Tony Piazza

Former Biologist, now getting a chance to try my hand at an earlier passion- film making. During the 1970's I was trained in, and worked professionally with many Hollywood production companies. I have had the good fortune to work with such legendary actors as Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, and Fred Astaire to mention a few. I was on the crew of several Quinn Martin television productions, including "The Streets of San Francisco",starring Karl Malden and Michael Douglas. I am also a regular contributor to the TCM (Turner Classic Movies) website (Classic Member Union). If you are interested in reading about my experiences working with the stars please check out my blogs - link: <br /><br />Back in those early days of Hollywood we spliced film and glued them together for the editing process. I am now easing into the computer age- and learning as I go along with this project. <br /><br />Please take a look at my work and COMMENT! I'd appreciate the advice.