Made in Tomsk

Tomsk has always been the city of innovations. “Made in Tomsk” is a sign, a quality symbol. The best that is created in Tomsk. Made in Tomsk is made with intelligently, made for the whole world. <br /><br />Tomsk is a significant scientific center, thanks largely to the educational complex that provides staff. In the city there is a large amount of science-driven business activities, the IT-industry is highly developed.<br /><br />Tomsk is an educational center<br />The widely spread informal name of the city “Siberian Athens” appeared at the end of the nineteenth century after establishing the first Siberian university: The Imperial Tomsk University was founded in 1878 and opened in 1888. In 1896 the higher technological educational institution named Institute of Technologies (nowadays, Tomsk Polytechnic University) was founded in 1896 (opened in 1900).<br /><br />At the present time in the territory of Tomsk there are:<br /><br />7 state and 2 non-state higher education institutions (Tomsk Economical-Juridical Institute, Tomsk Institute of Business);<br />14 branches and representative offices of higher educational institutions from other cities;<br />19 secondary vocational educational institutions (3 of them are non-state ones).<br /><br />The amount of students from Tomsk HEIs exceeds 85000 people; more than 14000 people have been studying in secondary vocational educational institutions. That means, every fifth citizen of the region center is a student; according to this index Tomsk ranks one of the first after Moscow and St. Petersburg.<br /><br />There are about 800 doctors and more than 2500 candidates of science working in HEIs. There are 98 general education institutions in Tomsk (86 of them are municipal ones), 4 orphanages, 26 municipal institutions of further education, 16 state institutions of primary vocational education, 92 pre-school institutions.