The Flare, Clara

Hi! I had some problems in youtube with my tributes so I tried this new site of amazing definition!
I´m sorry for the small intros of my AMVs but it´s all just about copyright
Dailymotion doesn't accept all my vids so if you want to watch my latest ones visit
Please subscribe!
I accept any request for AMV or tribute (as long as I know the series)!


je hais les mangas, je peux plus les voir, je détéste ça, adieu, j'ai une autre idole qui est balavoine, quant au reste, je hais les mangas j'arrête notre "amitié", et adieu
3 years ago by zoey99
Bha ça me l'avais annulé o_O
5 years ago by - G0KUDA
T'avais annulé l'amitié ?
5 years ago by - G0KUDA
J'ai lu tous les harry potter mdr
5 years ago by - G0KUDA

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