Luis Chaluisan

Dropbox Rocker Roller Rican hits 4816 downloads. Gracias! El Extreme Luis Chaluisan Free preview/download <br />Bronx Rocker Roller Rican NYC Premiere <br />10:30 pm Lifestyle Channel 56 <br />(TWC) Time Warner Cable <br />Rocker Roller Rican - A Nuyorican Adventure <br />Tuesday June 17 and June 24, 2014 <br />ROCKER ROLLER RICAN <br />Directed by: Maria Hernandez <br />Produced by: Mike Tapp <br />Featuring: Luis Chaluisan <br />Film Directed by: John Coles Talking Wall Pictures 1975 <br />Film Directed by: Tony Ortiz Topproductions NYC 1984 <br />Off Broadway Scenes Directed by: Petronia Paley 2002 <br />Set Design by: Albert Chaluisan <br />El Extreme Luis Chaluisan <br />DVD Cover Artwork Vicki Lee <br />Complete Freedom - - "It's clear that Salsa has its deepest roots in Cuban Son and that due to the blockade and the political climate of the 1960's, less information started to come out of Cuba. That break was a decisive factor in the birth of Salsa, which emerges as the grafting of the musical folklore of other Latin American countries onto son that distinguishes son from Salsa. While son has specific structure, SALSA IS PURE FREEDOM, which means it can start with a guaguanco and finish with a Puerto Rican aguinaldo, with a dash of Brazilian batucada or a passage from Mozart." <br />In many ways, this definition can be extrapolated to explore my own personal development as a Nuyorican Artist. Our poetry has its deepest roots in the storytelling "declamadores" (orators) from Puerto Rico. We added the doo wop, swagger and soul of the Bronx (all Boroughs) to the staged readings. This is what I saw and ran with in my own creative trajectory placing my hand in art, music and Theater/Film. But never for fame. It was, is and forever be about communication and The Movement.