Luke Sneyd and the Deed

Luke Sneyd & the Deed have been gigging over southern Ontario, honing their sound. Touting the new Salvo EP’s “rugged majesty,” Alex Young writes in Fazer that “Sneyd delivers his broken down beatnik poetry through a voice that hasn’t been heard since the war cry of Joe Strummer was laid to rest." Peter Kearns of T.O. Snobs Music calls the EP "a moody and mature release... erected around the smoldering words of Sneyd." <br /><br />Sneyd released his first solo album All of Us Cities in 2007. California's No Cover Magazine called him "an amazing unsigned artist". Lead single "The Prisoner" was a finalist in the Unisong International songwriting contest, and the Great Canadian Band Challenge. <br /><br />He and bandmates the Deed are currently hard at work on their next full-length, The Defiant Ones.