Hi everyone!! I love yaoi so I'm making videos for yaoi lovers!
Yo no soy un hablante nativo, pero me encanta todo de la cultura japonesa por esta razón que estoy haciendo estos videos!
I have a twitter that I barely use lol

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please create your otokogokoro(sakiXshinomiyajun) here... I watch the 4,5,6 but i couldn't find the other part so please
November by annadosh29
kawaii shino-chan  ^O^
anou..... lovely chan, can you do boku no anoko? i really love this manga but i didn't know if it has a manga cd or not? but please do it because it's a cute couple that i love ^^ onegaishimasu~
Hi lovely! Try also videoh, I wanted to say that I started edit Otokogkoro, I forgot that you already made it...If it's not a problem can I continue editing it?? or if this bother you I just drop this project... Let me know...
Last year by Roby85mTwo
Ty for the comment in my prof~ I like your vids too~
I am using Sony Vegas~
Last year by GigglyMe