Phnom Penh, Cambodia
je suis cambodgienne et je suis fière
Kyom jea koun khmer heuy kyom mean motanak pheap dael ban kert mork jea koun khmer , srok kai la'or nass tae min arch preab prodouch neng srok komnert robos kyom ban leuy ,
*Je suis amoureuse de mon pays*
*I Love khmer*


Thank you so much , Merry Christmas and Happy new year to you and your family too , Muahhh
Moullika Khov
Thank you so much for all video you uploaded. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to u & ur family, Wishing all the best :)
En décembre par Moullika Khov
Hi i was wondering where can i see Tream Chet Somrab Chhir because this movies look good... Thanks a bunch and have a nice day....
Il y a 5 ans par cartman34
Sour sdei bong dael leu pi bong srey soh...baat tov na heuy ey lov neng...bong srey sok sapbaiy reu teh? paoun kron tae mok tah Hi mean eyy somkan phorng kron tae chong seu pi sok touk pon neng eng...somnang laor neung have a lovely week and weekend.
Il y a 5 ans par KampongSpeu

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