I'm just a regular old guy who has seen a lot of changes in this country in my 70 years and I don't appreciate what some people are trying to do to it. I grew up with an understanding of what "Liberty" means and a love for the USA that remains today. Now I see that Liberty being eroded and threatened with being obliterated. I have remained pretty quiet, taking that Liberty for granted untill now, and I will do whatever I can do to stop this erosion, which is why I took out the domain name www.noincumbents.org the night of the 2008 election. I've been sitting on it for 3 years, but now I know it's time to put it to work in order to stop this attack on our country. It's not complete yet, but I invite you to check what's there and see what you can do to help me make it better. Thanks. I will do all I can to stop the Liar-in-chief from getting re-elected!