Adebayo Olorunto

Hip Hop Grub Spot® artist "KING BAYO" and Sean John/Bad Boy "I AM KING" artist/corporate spokesman Bayo Olorounto- the Winner of Sean John I AM King Challenge VIEW EPISODES 1, 2, & 3 Here: >>> . (Sean John I AM King Mini Movie) In 2007 a contract was signed by Bayo Olorounto Founder/CEO O.L.O.R.U.N. (Our Love of Rap Unites Nations) with Inc/Hip Hop Grub Spot® for venture capital/business incubator services and the Press Release You can google search "olorun hip hop grub spot" or "o.l.o.r.u.n hip hop grub spot" to see the impact (1450 google results) Hip Hop Grub Spot® Web 2.0 branding has had on King Bayo's brand awareness and brand identity to influence Diddy's selection to pick Bayo out of over 2000 Youtube submissions to represent the Bad Boy/Sean John I AM King brand for his "commitment to his community".