Nicolas d'Alessandro

Nicolas d'Alessandro - Some Walk Through Expressivity, Technologies & Body’s Intelligence <br />--- <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />--- <br />Nicolas d'Alessandro tries to walk on this narrow path which stands between technology and art. He involved about 20 years of his life in learning and perfectioning classical and -now mainly- electric guitar. His music stands around blues, jazz, electro and experimental, playing with 7-strings and fretless guitars. He also holds an Electrical Engineering degree from Faculty of Engineering, Mons (Belgium) since 2004, with the last 6 months in the Faculty of Music of the University of Montreal. He is now finishing a PhD degree on realtime voice synthesis issues at the IT Group of the same Faculty of Engineering. He progressively investigated the field of digital instrument making and playing. Today, next to guitar performances, he plays and composes with the HandSketch, a wide tablet-based controller with extra sensors, applied to voice processing effects. He is also the administrator of the 6thFloor studio, a interdisciplinary plateform connecting performers, composers, researchers and developers through the aim of helping luthery research issues to succesful become performance projects.