Mawuna Koutonin - Once you share your product and opportunity with your friends and family but you fail or rather your product fail to convince them – and they may not feel so great about that at first - then what? It’s time to fact reality. The real world, the real people, real market and real conditions. Of course most of your family and friends say they want to support you. But they may not understand exactly what you are doing. No matter what business you’re in: direct sales or any other entrepreneurial venture. So you really need to meet other business people and start networking in your community to meet your ideal clients. <br />The ultimate need is to have an access to an endless flood of high quality strategic alliance to easily get new clients and more cash flow. There are so many ways to get more referrals into your business one of by community marketing. But with limited time and resources you may be wondering if there’s a fast and efficient way to build relationships with others and have them start referring you to new clients. <br />The Linkcrafter’s site does it in three simple ways. Each agent of Linkcrafter is an active Opportunity Reporter for the whole community. Opportunities are everywhere: during formal or casual conversation with customers, friends, or from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. The agents are always there when opportunities arise and they immediately post them on the community wall for other members to consider. is an answer portal created by Linkcrafter and open to consumers at large. encourages people to post questions, express their burning needs or requests with the assurance that they will be provided, in a short period, with free and personalized answers from distribution network & business professionals. <br />An event, a product launch, a promotion, with