Abraham Lincoln Lim

In my time at NYU there were two types of film folk: craft folks and chair folks.<br /><br />The craft folks work on anything to master their skills and the chair folks tried to get them to work on their films so they can sit in a chair with their name on it. This was the system.<br /><br />I wanted both worlds so I could control my own fate, my own work. It was a hard fit for me. <br /><br />But now technology has created a community of folks who do it the way I do it. Now is the time that fits.<br /><br />We are all "going local" at a time when a centralized six mega-companies control all the content we see- interesting times.<br /><br />If you want to take a look at how I got here, from system that was to system that will be, check out the channel and subscribe if you're feeling me.<br /><br />No film school. No barriers. Play.<br />Latest film: God Is D_ad in festivals now!