I'm a young money Millionaire, tougher than Nigerian hair,
My criteria compared to your career just isn't fair,
I'm a venereal disease like a minstrel bleed,
through the pencil and leak on the sheet of the tablet in my mind,
Cuz I don't write shit cuz I aint got time,
Cuz my seconds, minutes, hours go to the almighty dollar,
And the almighty power of dat chit cha cha chopper,
Sister, Brother, Son, Daughter, Father motha f**k a copper,
Got da maserati dancin on the bridge pussy poppin,
Tell the coppers..hahahaha you cant catch em, you cant stop em,
I go by dem goon rules
if you cant beat em then you pop em,
You cant man em then you mop em,
You cant stand em then you drop em,
You pop em cuz we pop em like Orville Redenbacher,
Young money

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