LG15 The Resistance

LG15: The Resistance is a BRAND NEW installment of the popular Lonelygirl15 web series. <br /><br />This new chapter of LG15 is a beginning. One that is fast paced, adventurous, interactive, and packed full of narrative twists and turns. Be a part of the story. Spread the word. Expose the truth! <br /><br />For over a century, a secret organization has existed; one that has infiltrated the social, economic, and political infrastructure of societies around the globe. This clandestine cult is known as the Order. <br /><br />A small handful of teens have discovered its existence, and now they are being hunted. To turn the tables, they will have to fight back... starting NOW. <br /><br />Check out lg15.com for the latest info in plot, character, and interactive developments!