Lesoir <br /><br />Lesoir began as a project of 5 befriended musicians who have gained previous experience in other bands. When this group toured together through England in June 2009, that their desire came to combine their creativity and form a new band. <br /><br />From that point on, the 5 members have played intensively in different cities on in order to stay creative and productive. During these sessions in Maastricht, Amsterdam and Leuven, the songs have slowly evolved from tiny bits of music into a coherent full length album, that has now been recorded together with producer Rudy Coclet (Arno) in the Jet Studio in Bruxelles, Belgium. The new album succesfully combines all of the creative tensions between each individual in the band and the producer. <br /><br />The songs of Lesoir are heavy, but with a lot of room for dynamics and amthosphere. A raw, pure, dark sound with emotion as its centre. Lesoir's set goes from fragility and whispering, to chaos and heavy sounds, without losing the melodie of each song. With hits of Skunk Anansie, A Perfect Circle and Soundgarden. <br /><br />From 2010 on Lesoir will present itself with their debutalbum and a special liveset, in which visuals and sound will enhance eachother. Although the short period of time in which the band has formed and recorded their music, Lesoir is ready for its audience. Why wait..?