Les Dupont

LES DUPONT is an electro duet created by Didier Blasco and Louis-Frédéric Apostoly. In 1994 LES DUPONT join the Omnisonus/Polygram Team and DJ's such as Pacman, Roussia, Djul'z, Paolo Driver, and Armand. Since they are noticed for their record production, each time saluted by the critic (Coda, L'Affiche, L'Eléphant Rose, Out-Soon, Libération), for the "Miracle" and "Renaissance" albums and for their live acts in Paris Crystal Palace, le Rex, SIR. CUS cybernaut, the Wattrelos Festival… <br />Email: lysis@numericable.fr <br />Website: http://dupontlysis.wix.com/lesdupont<br />FB: https://www.facebook.com/lesdupont.lysis