Hi Im from Good Old Bonny Scotland in the UK. Lol <br />I am currrently a fan of the french band Les Fatal Picards since I seen them in Eurovision 07. I also like the killers and linkin park and within temptation. I like Shakira and Rihanna too.I like a lot of random songs too. <br /><br />I love animals and I have always grew up with them. I love Shrek the movies. I'm a huge fan of the simpsons and watch one everyday lol. I watch all the soaps well nearly. I really like Greys Anatomy too. <br /><br />Im a huge fan of LOST but when its not on I go off it but get excited when it comes on again. <br />Im interested in different cultures and like learning about other parts of Europe. <br /><br />Im A Leo starsign and my chinese zodiac is the Ram so I combined the name. <br />Although Im nothing like a leo im quite shy and hate to be in the spotlight which is the opposite of a leo . lol but I am quite like the ram. lol