An American from Santa Monica, California, LEN RICHMOND created and co-wrote one of the most popular comedy series in British Television. Agony, about an advice columnist whose life is in disarray, has been broadcast in 24 countries (including twice on PBS). The series (starring Maureen Lipman) was nominated for numerous BAFTA and Writer’s Guild Awards, and won the AGLA Media Award for the “Responsible portrayal of its gay and lesbian characters”. Agony won the Banff International Television Festival as “Best Situation Comedy” and was revived by the BBC as “Agony Again”. It has been turned into a best-selling book (Arrow) and home video (W.S. Smith). U.S. television adapted the format and it became “The Lucie Arnaz Show” on CBS. <br /><br />Working and living in Paris, Len wrote the popular French TV detective series Le Chinois starring the legendary Charles Aznavour. Back in Britain he created another highly-rated comedy series. Split Ends, starring Anita Dobson, was set in a trendy London hair salon. In the United States, he wrote for the ABC sitcom “Three’s Company”. <br /><br />Len has written for British Cosmopolitan, worked as a sex-advice columnist for Forum magazine, as well as being a satirist for Britain’s premiere humour publication Punch. He is co-editor of “The Gay Liberation Book” (Ramparts Press), which had original contributions from John Lennon, William Burroughs, Gore Vidal, and Christopher Isherwood. It was a landmark book, stocked extensively in libraries, and used as a course text in Universities. It was followed several years later by The New Gay Liberation Book, which Len also co-edited. His film reviews are featured in “The Time Out Film Guide” (Penguin Books), his humorous writings are reprinted in “The Pick of Punch” (Hutchinson), and his celebrity profiles appear in “Time Out Interviews” (Penguin Books). <br /><br />His stage comedy, “Risky Kisses”, a critical success in London, was followed by a national British tour, as well as productions in Buenos Aires and Amsterdam. It is currently being developed as a feature by Granada Films. <br /><br />More recently, he wrote and directed an award-winning independent feature film. “A Dirty Little Business” (ThinkFilm) is a romantic comedy set in the sex toy business. It stars Michael York, Brian Cox, and Beverly D’Angelo, with an original musical score by Erasure. <br /><br />