Hey there ^^ My name is Rosa, but you can call me Leadmare, Libertad, Lib, or Libby. I don't mind! I love horses (I bet you can tell ^_~) I'll be looking forward to make videos with my art and story, Spirit: SofC, and SCC. And hopefully there will be more later on when I can clean my laptop's memory :P <br />I'm an 11th grader, so for those of you Juniors or passed it, you know what I mean when I say "I got things to do." Just have patient and if you have any BIG questions or concerns, PLEASE, send me more...a message rather than a comment. <br />Arigato! <br />Loves: Horses, drawing, writing, reading, listening to music, making videos, singing, being with family and friends, riding horses, rping, going to the movies, & dancing. <br />********************************************************************************** <br />Hates: Racism, hypocrisy, discrimination, selfish/ignorant/close minded people, art thieves, pathetic wannabes, wasting time, math, chemistry, and horse slaughter.